ReWorta rewarding

This is how we plan, the mission and goal of the ReWorta APP.

  • NO Spamming.
  • Easy Un-Subscribe.
  • ReWard you for your visits and support.
  • ReWard you for your purchases.
  • Direct Marketing to the correct people, not those FAKE ones.

Membership Cards is old fashion

  • No more Membership Cards.
  • No more fingerprint scanning.
  • No more paperwork.
  • No more membership cards when people do not support you.

Does the people who support you following your social media?

Do you market to dummies or your actual clientele?

OK, you small, and just want to reach your local clientele? Why spend thousands, getting the people inside your business where and not getting the ones inside your business to support you more?

ReWorta, the loyal customer rewarding APP.