QR Code not scanning

ReWorta QR not scanning.

We have build in a ReWorta security measure to eliminate mobile users of taking pictures of Supplier QR Codes and checking in every day in the comfort of their own home.

Suppliers are now able to “revoke” any QR Code every 24 hours.

  • By default the Supplier will be issues with 3 x QR codes.
    • First and Second QR code will become immediately active once all the required fields are completed on the Suppliers Dashboard.
    • These two QR Codes are both different. Both when scanned making reference to the same supplier. Both these two codes work independently and the supplier have the right to revoke any of these two codes at any given point.
    • The supplier have the option to either print the QR code for their own marketing purposes or print a standard A4 page with the ReWorta marketing, easy to print and to display.
    • The third QR code is reserved for online API purchases through online applications.
  • The third QR code is reserved for online API purchases through online applications.

QR Code not scanning:

  • The supplier have not completed all the required fields on his dashboard on reworta.com. All the field are required in order to generate the user levels.
  • The supplier “revoked” the QR code and requested a new QR code in it’s place. These changes are effective immediately while the new generated QR code will take the place of the old one.
  • The suppliers membership expired and is no longer an active supplier.

1 Mobile Users

Currently we have two different methods of registration.

  • Through the mobile APP.
  • Through our website.

Both of the above methods required SMS (Text message) verification.

1.1 Mobile APP Registration.

  • Download the mobile APP from the Google or Apple store.
  • Select registration:
Mobile Number: 08200… becomes +278200…..

Users must enter the correct international format before they will be able to receive an SMS (text message) with their verification code. This verification code is required to authenticate the user for registration process.

Consult our website or our forum for help of international format.

NOTE: You will only receive an SMS if you used the correct format.

1.2 Lost your password?

Refer to the “Reset Password” option on our login screen of the mobile APP to recover your password.

This will be send to your phone if the correct international format for your mobile number is entered.

You will also be able to change the password once you were able to confirm the code on the text message.

1.3 Website Registration.

Some older phones might have a problem with registering on the mobile APP.

Follow the options on our website www.reworta.com to register as a mobile user. Once again the correct international mobile format must be entered as per the mobile APP (eg: +27….). This will send an SMS to the mobile phone with a uniq verification code to confirm the authentication.

This can be used as a last resort on older phone models to register. Once registered, the user can simply login with his profile on the mobile phone.

2 Supplier Users

  • Suppliers must register directly on our website reworta.com and confirm their registration with the link send to them on email.
  • Once registered, suppliers will be able to access their dashboard. Standard FREE Access will be granted for a period of time for testing purposes and will be asked to upgrade for extended access.

3  Admin Users

3.1 Registration of admin users:

  • Admin users must download the AWorta APP from the Google or Apple store.

Open the APP and scan the Administrative QR code that appears on the Supplier Dashboard page of our website. (This code appears right at the bottom of the page and look quite different from the other QR Codes.)




The Supplier will create “user names” for the admin users. The same username must be entered on the Admin App for this to work. (Suppliers can simply remove the admin username from their website dashboard, and the admin user will be de-linked from the supplier automatically.


3.2 Scanning Mobile users:

  • Admin User will open his AWorta APP and enter his username as part of the authentication process.
On the Mobile user (MUser) APP, open the option to display the mobile users QR Code. (Bottom on the right bottom of the home screen that will open a uniq QR code to identify the Mobile User.)

Admin user can now scan with their Admin APP the Mobile users QR code. On successful scan, a page will open where the Admin User will be able to award a maximum of 10 points to the mobile user.


ReWorta Point System

The ReWorta Point System work on 10 levels.

  • Levels 1 to 3 should be very easily achievable through registration and checking out the suppliers social media links.
  • Levels 4 to 6 should be reserved for V.I.P status.
  • Ultimately 10 levels are achievement through the APP.

The registered ReWorta Supplier have the power to manage the number of profile level to the actual amount of points allocated. User levels will be affected immediately once any changes are made in the Suppliers Dashboard.

  • Check-In Points (Scanning of the QR Code)
    • Every 1 x scan in 24 hours will count as 1 x point in the database.
    • These points will be deleted at the and of the Suppliers Cycle. (So you will need to keep on check-in with the supplier to keep your status level active.)
    • Suppliers are able to re-generate new QR codes every 24 hours as a security measure.
  • Social Media Points
    • Simply look at any of the Suppliers social media and you will be rewarded additional points.
    • These points are generated at the first click and do not have a life span.
    • Users now have the right to follow the suppliers social media on their own discretions.
  • Subscribe to Marketing
    • Users will be able to subscribe to the Suppliers marketing media, may that me Text Messages or Email Marketing.
    • Un-subscribe
      • First option will be through the mobile APP, by simply scanning the Suppliers QR code and un-subscribe.
      • Later updates of the mobile APP will allow users to view all subscribe mediate and un-subscribe.
      • Alternative un-subscribe will be allowed through the website, by allowing the mobile user to login with the international mobile number and password.
      • Easy un-subscribe options will also be allowed on the email marketing with a click of a button.
    • Rating the supplier.
      • Simply rating the supplier and you will receive points that will not expire.
      • The mobile user will be able to change the rating that will have an effect on the suppliers global rating overall, as long as this rating is in the suppliers cycle.
Type of Users

1 Mobile Users

Mobile users, also referred to as MUsers is someone who registered through the ReWorta mobile APP.

  • This user type is free and no subscription required.
  • Users must register with their international mobile format.
  • Users can alternatively also register through the website as MUsers, but still need the text message to enter the confirmation code.
  • All data will be stored on our online database and, so no loosing of your profile when changing mobile phones. All data will be retrieved once the user login with this detail again.

2 Supplier Users

These are typically companies, organisations or NGOs. (Entity.)

  • These users must register through our website where different subscription options will be available.
  • Supplier profiles or QR Codes will only become active once they completed their profile in full.
  • Optional Facebook page or group, Instagram or Twitter account can be entered for additional social media coverage.
  • WIFI passwords can be stored with a release level to display this to the normal mobile user.
  • Promotional messages can also be entered, and become effective immediately with the next mobile user scan.

3 Admin Users

Admin Users are extensions of Suppliers. (Typical managers, floor managers, cashiers or waiters.) Currently only 5 x Admin users are allowed to be linked to one Supplier.

  • Admin Suppliers must download our Aworta APP and register with the uniq Supplier code. (To link them to the supplier.)
  • Users with an Admin APP installed is able to award additional points to Mobile Users (MUsers) by simply scanning their QR Codes on their phones.
  • Maximum of 10 points can be calculated.