Type of Users

1 Mobile Users

Mobile users, also referred to as MUsers is someone who registered through the ReWorta mobile APP.

  • This user type is free and no subscription required.
  • Users must register with their international mobile format.
  • Users can alternatively also register through the website as MUsers, but still need the text message to enter the confirmation code.
  • All data will be stored on our online database and, so no loosing of your profile when changing mobile phones. All data will be retrieved once the user login with this detail again.

2 Supplier Users

These are typically companies, organisations or NGOs. (Entity.)

  • These users must register through our website where different subscription options will be available.
  • Supplier profiles or QR Codes will only become active once they completed their profile in full.
  • Optional Facebook page or group, Instagram or Twitter account can be entered for additional social media coverage.
  • WIFI passwords can be stored with a release level to display this to the normal mobile user.
  • Promotional messages can also be entered, and become effective immediately with the next mobile user scan.

3 Admin Users

Admin Users are extensions of Suppliers. (Typical managers, floor managers, cashiers or waiters.) Currently only 5 x Admin users are allowed to be linked to one Supplier.

  • Admin Suppliers must download our Aworta APP and register with the uniq Supplier code. (To link them to the supplier.)
  • Users with an Admin APP installed is able to award additional points to Mobile Users (MUsers) by simply scanning their QR Codes on their phones.
  • Maximum of 10 points can be calculated.

Mobile Users

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